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The Big Bundle

The Big Bundle was created to redefine the way ancillary products are sold by F&I departments. The first tangible F&I bundle to ever hit the market.

Our marquee F&I bundle is the first of its kind to hit the market.  The Big Bundle offers the full suite of ancillary protection products in a box. Presented together with high-value extras, The Big Bundle is the ultimate crowd-pleaser that will drive your F&I sales and overall customer satisfaction.

The Big Bundle Is Packed With:

Key Loss Protection Cover

Key replacement costs up to $800 under a protection contract in the unlikely event the key is not found.


Tire & Wheel protection

Tire & Wheel provides coverage in the event your tires and/or wheels become damaged by road hazards such as metal, nails, glass, branches, debris, and those oh-so-pesky potholes. Simply enjoy your drive knowing that your tires and wheels are protected against the unexpected.


Windshield Protection

Wipe-on liquid ceramic shield used on 10 million cars and designed to make your windshield as hard as a rock. Also covers the cost to repair or replace minor windshield chips and cracks due to road hazard damage.


Dent & Ding Protection

Removes  dings  and  minor  dents  from  vehicle’s exterior steel or aluminium body panels without disturbing the paint finish.


Roadside Assistance

Services include towing up to 50 miles, battery jump start, locksmith services and more. Available 24 / 7 / 365.


Identity Theft Cover

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • ID Threat Alerts

  • Junk Mail Opt-Out

  • Medical Fraud Protection

  • Mobile VPN

  • 24/7 US Support

  • White Glove Restoration

  • Lost Wallet Assistance

  • Up to $1 Million Stolen Funds Recovery Insurance

See Inside
We Also Include:

2X Keyfetch Smart Keychains

Our smart keychains include a unique ID number which, once activated, protects the car key from the common risk of loss. In the event that the key is lost, the finder can use the keychain’s ID number to instantly and anonymously notify the owner of its location.


1X Ceramic Shield Windshield Wipe

Wipe-on liquid ceramic shield used on 10 million cars and designed to make your windshield as hard as a rock.


1X Screen Protection Wipe For Smartphones

Wipe on ceramic coating technology that creates a protective shield on the screen of your device which doubles the strength and durability of your screen.


1X Lifetime Membership To TagMyPhone App To Protect Your Customers' Devices From Loss

​Complimentary activation code for the TagMyPhone loss protection app which uses the device’s lock screen to place a permanent recovery message on top of the background picture, enabling the finder of the lost phone to connect with the owner via an instant, anonymous chat.


1X Petfetch Pet Tag To Protect Your Customers' Pets

Every Petfetch tag has a unique ID number on the back designed to keep the owner connected with their pet at all times while protecting their personal details. If their pet is lost, the finder can use the pet’s ID number on to instantly notify the owner of the pet’s location. The owner can also add the pet’s medical profile in case of emergency and picture for extra peace of mind. 

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