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We put your brand in your customer’s pockets and connect it with a service that will protect their keys, which means you’ll never be far from their minds.

We know how important your brand is for your bottom line and we know how hard it is to keep it top of mind with your customers. That's why we've created branding opportunities that are just as valuable for your dealership as they are for your customers. No more throw away gifts, give them something they need!

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Dealer branded premium Smart Keychains

Partnering with Keyfetch Auto means we’ll manufacture two premium leather / metal smart key chains branded with your dealership's name and logo. 

Premium Dealer Branded Box 

These keychains will be presented to your customers in a premium dealer branded box. The box is fully customizable with your dealership's logo, box design, messaging and colors. 

(Mouse over the image to view an example)

Keyfetch isn’t something that will be put in a drawer and forgotten about, it’s a service that your customers want and need to help protect their keys from loss. It will also help you to improve customer satisfaction, maximize your digital branding efforts and keep your dealership top of mind next time they’re looking at purchasing a new car. A win for dealers and a win for customers.

Physical Branding Your Customers Will Love

Want to offer more to your customers? Add a pet tag or a USB private labelled to your brand.

Physical Branding Opportunities Across Our Product Range 
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