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We offer another unique value proposition for your customers by including our Petfetch smart pet tags to protect your furry friends from loss.

Some of our dealer partners know how important pets are to their customers, which is why they opt to include our Petfetch pet tags bundled as a gift in our custom-branded boxes as a unique value-added service.

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Pre-engraved Unique ID

Each tag features a unique pre-engraved ID ensuring lost pets can be connected with their owners at a click.

Build a Pet Profile

Petfetch is powered by smart technology that allows an owner to create a digital pet profile linked to their unique ID number. The pet profile is linked to a custom dealer-branded loss retrieval website and in the event the pet is missing a finder can enter the ID on the retrieval website and connect with the owner of the missing pet.


Each dealership has the option to create its own branded pet tags and to connect them to its own key/pet loss retrieval sites, or use the PetfetchID platform.  This is a unique branding opportunity proven to boost customer satisfaction and enhance your F&I offering.  

Pet Protection Included Across Our Product Range 
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