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Loss Protection

Powered by proven technology everyone knows and understands, Keyfetch connects owners and finders of lost keys, phones & pets in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. 

We manage up to 85% recovery rates thanks to our unique online retrieval system also designed to protect our members' personal details at all times. There is simply no easier way to get your lost property back in minutes!

How It works
Anonymous, quick and effective recovery!

Step 1:

With Keyfetch Auto losing keys may no longer be a nightmare.

Step 2:

Reporting a loss through the website allows you to leave a message for the finder.


Step 3:

The key finder can contact the owner thanks to the unique ID engraved on the keychain.

Step 4:

The chat is completely anonymous and we never share your personal information.


Step 5:

The owner can arrange a location to recover their keys from the finder.

Step 6:

In the event your lost key has not been recovered, Keyfetch Auto will cover the replacement costs of a new set.


See it in Action

See Former NBA All Star Shana Battier Test Drive Keyfetch in New York & Miami

​Key Loss Coverage Included Across Our Product Range 
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