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Boost your online presence with your very own dealership-branded key loss protection website and the TagMyPhone App which protects your customer’s devices from loss and puts your dealership logo on their lock screens.

We know how important having a digital presence is for your dealership's bottom line. That’s why all our dealership customers benefit from a FREE private labelled key loss retrieval website which co-exists with your dealership's website. The site is powered by our safe, secure and simple key loss retrieval technology, which allows owners of lost keys to connect with their finders anonymously. We’ve created hundreds of websites for dealerships across the country. Each site is fully custom-made and SEO-optimized while offering an extension of your marketing objectives with a proven way to help reunite your customers with their missing keys.

Private-Label Dealer Branded Key Loss Retrieval Website

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Maximize your digital presence with a dealer-branded key loss retrieval website. This website which is provided free to our dealer partners will be used by your customers who have misplaced their keys. This website will allow you to take up valuable space on search engines while providing functionality for your customers and additional marketing opportunities for your dealership. Check out Group 1 Automotive's site, Group1VIP, for an example of a website which we can build for your dealership.    

Your Dealership On Your Customer's Lock Screens

Each customer who purchases a Keyfetch Auto contract will have free lifetime access to our cell phone loss protection service called TagMyPhone. The service connects owners and finders of lost devices and is powered by the same technology used in our key loss retrieval service.  TagMyPhone usually retails at $19.99 and comes customized with your dealership's logo on your customer's screens. There is no better way for your brand to stay top of mind while providing your customers with a useful service protecting their everyday lives.

(Mouse over the image to view an example)

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