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The most affordable & reliable partner for protecting America's drivers against the risk of losing their keys.

Keyfetch Protection Plans provide reimbursment for the replacement cost of lost or stolen keys and fobs. Our benefits include a 'smart' key chain with proven loss recovery technology, making Keyfetch the most innovative and best value solution on the market

Our Value Proposition

Keys have become more advanced, and as a result more expensive, in some cases costing as much as $800 to replace. Our ‘smart’ key chains include a patented, police-endorsed loss recovery technology combined with a Key Protection Service Contract, which together offers unbeatable security and peace of mind for your customers. 

Is your dealership currently giving away a branded promotional key chain? If so, then It’s time to upgrade to Keyfetch and drive new F&I revenue streams. Hundreds of dealers across the country are already benefiting from offering our high margin/high volume product, either as a pre-load, upsell or part of a bundle. 

Our platform also provides unique and unrivaled branding opportunities for dealers, including two premium metal and leather key chains, a bespoke key loss protection website and our TagMyPhone device protection app branded with your dealership logo.  

All of this for half the price of your current providers….



Keyfetch Auto - KeyfetchAuto

Dealership Benefits






Offer your customers a ‘smart’ key loss protection service they’ll want to tell their friends about.   

Improve customer satisfaction with a no-nonsense service that helps protect daily lives. 

Stay top of mind with a branding strategy, which puts your dealerships in your customer's pockets.

Proven high margin/high volume F&I product generating outsized sales as a pre-load or upsell. 

Innovative Protection

Keyfetch Automotive

Safe Anonymous Technology

We connect owners with finders of lost keys in the quickest, safest & most effcient way possible.

Keyfetch Auto

Leading Return Rate

Proven performance with up to 80% return rate within hours


Identity Protection

Our comprehensive identity theft protection program ensures total peace of mind for today's hectic lifestyles.


Comprehensive Coverage 

Your customers are also covered up to $800 in replacement costs in the unlikely event their keys are not found via a service insurance policy issued by First Colonial Insurance Company, a member of the Allstate family of companies.


Our Vehicle Service Contracts also include emergency towing (up to 50 miles) & a lock-out service.

Physical Branding

Keyfetch Auto Key Fobs
Ocean Mazda - Keyfetch Auto
Keyfetch Auto - Ocean Mazda
  • 2x  premium leather/metal smart key chains elegantly presented in a luxury box

  • Your dealership branded on a key fob connected to our key loss retrieval service that your customers will use every day and never throw away. 


Digital Branding

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Bespoke Dealership Site

Boost your online presence with your very own dealership-branded key loss protection website as an extension of your marketing efforts

TagMyPhone App

We throw in our cell phone loss protection service called TagMyPhone worth $30. Since the gift comes from you, it comes with your dealership logo on your customers’ lock screens! 

A program that sells itself! 

Pre-Load It!

Upsell It!

Sell It!

Bundle It!

80% expected sell-through rate 

60% expected sell-through rate 

40% expected sell-through rate

Combine with other F&I products

Join the growing list of dealerships around the country where

Keyfetch is the #1 F&I product. 


Hear It From The Pros!

See it in Action

Watch NBA legend Shane Battier test drive the Keyfetch technology in Miami & New York City.


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